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5 tips for keeping your moving expenses down are:

  • Find as many free boxes as possible before moving.
  • Choose a cheaper date and time to move.
  • Get quotes from multiple movers.
  • Pack everything yourself.

On average, if you live in a basic apartment, expect to spend between $35 and $50 on moving boxes.
For 1-bedroom apartment renters, buying moving boxes will cost about $61 to $85. If you have a 2-bedroom apartment, expect to spend about $73 to $100.

You should have an industry approved contract and your insurance forms.

You should consult with your removalist. Some will be happy to move your plants others will not.

You can do this, but unless you have training as a packer, it is unlikely you will have the skill to do this correctly. It may also affect your insurance and if there are any breakages, the removalist cannot be held responsible.

The short answer is, yes, you do. There’s a real possibility your goods could be damaged despite the best intentions and best practices employed by our removalists. It should be remembered that furniture is rarely designed to be moved around and was not built to withstand being jolted in a truck

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